The African Sustainable Agriculture Project is a nonprofit corporation that has been formed to empower farmers and communities in African countries through the creation of sustainable agriculture endeavors. ASAP believes that, ultimately, sustainable agriculture production can only be achieved through entrepreneurship, so we seek to establish agricultural businesses, enable the development agricultural entrepreneurship, and promote and facilitate education in agricultural practices. 

Our Mission

Expand the status of farming in Africa beyond the current level of subsistence and sub-subsistence farming to a production system that creates sustainable commerce, thereby producing jobs and improving the health of communities for generations to come. 

Identifying the problem: 

From lack of quality protein sources for women and children to lack of quality feed to grow the protein to the lack of quality seed to grow the grain for feed, we have realized needs in the agriculture value chain or been commissioned by our partners to provide sustainable solutions for what Africa needs to take care of itself today. Today, we are building a sustainable supply chain of seed, feed, chicks and meat to improve the African farmer's yield and maximize their profitability.  

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We provide the capital to start up businesses that increase farmers' access to quality supply. All of our projects are managed by Africans, giving African leaders a place to shine in a developing economy.

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Our team is comprised of former service techs, feed mill managers, breeder farm managers, processing plant managers, business developers, and even a CEO. With over 200 years of experience, we offer the best technical expertise to keep businesses growing for years to come. 

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When all the pieces come together, we see farms and businesses building marketplaces and pushing the demand for their quality products. But more than that, and most importantly, we see lives changed. With every success story, our hunger to see the hungry fed grows even more. 

Iā€™m going to spend the rest of my life developing the chicken business in Africa.
— Donnie Smith, Former CEO of Tyson Foods and Founder of ASAP

What We've Achieved