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Zamura Feeds

The first ASAP project, Zamura Feeds's goal is to provide farmers access to high quality, affordable feeds in order to increase their egg, dairy, and meat production yields.

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Zamura Farms

Zamura Farms was the first commercial egg operation in Rwanda. Its initial goal was to employ women and genocide victims. The farm also provides eggs to our partner One Egg.

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Tworore Inkoko Twunguke

“Let’s Raise Chicken for Profit!" This broiler (meat chicken) project is a joint effort between ASAP, the University of Tennessee, and USAID. Household incomes have doubled in some cases, making it possible for our farmers to send their children to school regularly as well as diversify their income.



We've partnered with Bridge2Rwanda to start a seed company for soya and maize. Seed delivered on time with improved yields will improve farmers' profitability and lower food costs throughout the region.

Projects in process...

quality Chicks

Target Date: January 2019

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Zamura Hatchery

As our projects have grown, we've realized there is a need for a consistent, quality chick provider. Our goal is to have a hatchery built by the end of 2018 that will hatch 30,000-45,000 chicks per week, initially, with room to grow. Chicks delivered on time at a lower cost improves our farmers' profitability.