Zamura Farms

  • 10,000-hen capacity table egg farm in Musanze, Rwanda.
  • We employ over 20 women providing a steady income for their households.
    • Many are widows, sole-income providers, and take care of blended families due to the genocide. 
  • We sell eggs in local markets to many customers, but our #1 customer is We are privileged to provide one egg per day to nearly 4,000 pre-school children throughout Rwanda!
  • Veterinarians and advisors from Cobb-Vantress, a subsidary of Tyson Foods, provide technical expertise to maintain the health of each flock.

  • Once we are finished with a flock we sell the hens in the live market and the litter to farmers for fertilizer. 

Zamura Farms - chicks.JPG
Zamura Farms - Bret Vaccinating.JPG
Zamura Farms - Collecting Eggs.JPG
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