Zamura Feeds

  • Currently the only certified feed mill in Rwanda with poultry, swine, and dairy feeds meeting the Rwanda Standards Board requirements.
  • With quality, affordable feed, farmers maximize their profits by improving yields and maintaining the health of their animails.

    • 1 kg of our dairy feed increases milk production by 2 liters.

  • Zamura is led by Matthew Karagurama, who oversees the feed mill as well as the egg farm. 

  • Zamura's lab ensures the quality of our raw materials and final products but also contributes to the modernization of Rwanda’s agro-food sector. With increased capacity, the lab will also be able to do run tests on soil for quality and composition.

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Zamura Feeds - Lab.jpg
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I made my first trip to Rwanda in October 2012 with the dream of developing one or more demonstration farms to help teach farmers better agronomic practices. In a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, she told me what the country really needed was a commercial feed mill. Late in 2014 we opened Rwanda’s first commercial feed mill, Zamura Feeds in Musanze. God puts amazing potential into the genetics of farm animals, but without proper nutrition, the animal’s full potential can never be reached.
— Donnie Smith, Former Feed Mill Manager and CEO at Tyson Foods, Founder of ASAP