Tworore Inkoko Twunguke

Kinyarwanda for “Let’s Raise Chicken for Profit!"

Now that properly mixed, high quality feed is available, it is finally possible for a Rwandan livestock farmer to achieve all the potential God has placed in the genetics.

What We Do

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  • We enable farmers by providing them with the capital and equipment they need to get started in the broiler (meat) chicken business with a 3 year, interest free loan.

  • $625 buys a house, feeders, waterers, and stoves for 100 chickens.




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  • Our service techs have been trained by the best in the poultry industry.

  • The service techs are our farmers' partners for the health and profitability of each flock.

    • They make sure each house is ready for chicks.

    • Weighing birds weekly ensures the farmer is on track to make it to market as soon as possible. The more flocks we can fit into a year, the more money our farmers make.


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  • This project has already doubled household incomes.

  • Farmers are encouraged to eat a chicken each cycle.

  • Nutrition is improving in all households as increased income has allowed our farmers to increase their production by focusing on a key to sustainability: diversification.

    • Farmers are buying pregnant cows and leasing land to grow more crops.

  • Best of all, they're teaching their children. Our farmers can now pay their children's school fees on time and tell us stories of how they are teaching their kids to run a sustainable business in the future.

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